Starts as a hobby but can't help to stop making more beautiful leather case and wallets

When we were trying to enroll our oldest kid to the school first time, there was one question in the form and it was asking "Do you have any hobby and if you do so, what are they?" me and my husband thought for a second and look at each other to say yes we have something but actually we did't have anything other than working a full time position.

Later on Mike decided we should have a hobby because of the two reasons in his mind. First he wanted to keep himself busy for his spare time doing something useful for our family and two, set himself as a valuable role model for our kids so they can have someone as an example who can come out something unique in front of our family members. Because when Mike was young especially in his childhood, his uncle was his role model doing this kind useful hobby to effect his character in future and his uncle used to make wood products with the help of his special tools which took Mike's attention more how wood can be shaped with using them. Mike was really impressed with what his uncles's plenty of beautiful and amazing products.
He came out with an idea of making his own leather wallets because he always likes the leather products and one of the examples from our day to day routine, when we go to shopping to the mall, the first thing his eyes catch the place where the leather products such as wallets, bag or purses locate in the store so he decided to start to make one of its beginner level wallet with less cardholder available.

I saw his passion in his eyes and I felt that I needed to do something to make him feel better so I ended up with the opening this shop to show my husband products to all other people in the world.